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We can replace your mouldy silicone. 
We can replace your mouldy silicone. 
Mouldy Silicone can be hard work to eliminate. toeliminate mouldy silicone completely you need to first,completely strip away all existing black, fungal.  
Once all of the black mould has been removed, youshould apply a mildew resistant silicone/mastic. If you would prefer to attempt this your self rather than one of our silicone sealers. please only buy silicone withthe words; Mildew resistant, anti fungal or anti fungus, on the sideof the tube. This should save you a recurring problem. Maintaining silicone/mastic may sound like an extremephrase, how ever, simply opening a window during ashower or bath or wiping away any excess water afterwith a squeegee will solve this problem. 
Mouldy Silicone can: 
Cause leaks 
Destroy Grout 
Be a health hazard 
be very unsightly 
Take the hard work out of removing that black, mouldy fungus and get the mould removal silicone experts to do it for for you. Professional silicone sealers, serving in London, Kent, the South East and in fact NATIONWIDE
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